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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu After announcing the move to Unity, and the eventual move to Wayland further down the line (someday one day perhaps eventually maybe once when unicorns roam the earth), Ubuntu is announcing yet another major change, this time in its release policy. While they're not moving to a rolling release as some websites are claiming, they will update components and applications more often.
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RE: Comment by kaiwai
by dylansmrjones on Thu 25th Nov 2010 03:21 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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I can't mod you up, so I'll just say: Amen, Reverend.

Particularly the parts about stupid patches and sticking to vanilla builds.

Oh yeah, and the part about merely being a stable platform instead of exciting.

Well, really - all of it.

EDIT: Missed the part about your thoughts on creating your own distribution (part of merely being stable). Been there, tried it. Might try again, if anybody's with me ;) *nudge nudge wink wink*

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