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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu After announcing the move to Unity, and the eventual move to Wayland further down the line (someday one day perhaps eventually maybe once when unicorns roam the earth), Ubuntu is announcing yet another major change, this time in its release policy. While they're not moving to a rolling release as some websites are claiming, they will update components and applications more often.
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RE[3]: Symptom of a Wider Problem
by lemur2 on Fri 26th Nov 2010 02:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Symptom of a Wider Problem"
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"And what would be the better alternative? Lke Windows where there are 5 billion installer systems
who cares whether different applications use different installers if: - they vary in flexibility and functionality ( eg some operate via scripts, some can install the Application on a per component basis) but all of them basically do the same thing, extract the application files to the installation folder, and set some registry keys - the underlying system (as applications and installers are concerned) is for all intents and purposes the very same (thus, a unified platform compatible with itself across releases) for over a decade - thus allowing nearly any combination of and to work "

Scenario: You are presented with two systems with equivalent functionality: Office suite, multimedia, graphics applications (such as photo management, raster & vector graphics editors), CD/DVD burner, Internet suite (email, IM, browser), PIM, etc

If you have one which is a Windows system that is "stale" ... hasn't been touched in a couple of years ... and the other a Linux system which is also stale (also hasn't been touched in a couple of years) ... and you are asked to bring them both right up to date without losing any user data ... it is absolutely a given that the Linux system will be done in less than a quarter of the time of the Windows system.

That is a reason to care.

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