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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu After announcing the move to Unity, and the eventual move to Wayland further down the line (someday one day perhaps eventually maybe once when unicorns roam the earth), Ubuntu is announcing yet another major change, this time in its release policy. While they're not moving to a rolling release as some websites are claiming, they will update components and applications more often.
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This is just one of the many emperor's clothes in Linux wardrobe. Nobody seems to understand that installing an OS every six months is a plain stupid proposal. Nobody will explain why a Windows or Mac user can upgrade his apps easily and a Linux user can't.

Just silly.

Hold on a second. Nobody has to reinstall "Linux" every six months to have their applications upgraded. They have to reinstall Ubuntu and that's quite a difference.

My old desktop has Debian Sid running from the same install since 2004, survived several parts replacements and it keeps going without missing a beat. My laptop has been running Sid since 2007 without any problems either.

I am now running Sid on my newest quad core desktop since two months ago and it flies on it. Something tells me that it is going to be there forever, too!

And I am increasingly looking towards Arch to satisfy my urge to stay on top of the latest KDE improvements before everybody else knowing that I won't have to reinstall anything at all and the fact that Arch does not stray too far away from upstream - if at all - just sweetens the deal.

That people have to put up with Ubuntu's weaknesses because they don't know better is one thing. But do not lump all the Linuxes together with Ubuntu just because one does not want to look elsewhere.

I am really hopeful that Canonical can pull this off, though. They already have the blueprints (hint, hint, nudge, nudge) so it is just a matter of following them... ;)

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