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Syllable, AtheOS The new version 3 of the REBOL programming language supports extensions written in other languages. Extensions are implemented on top of the modules framework, which is also new. Extensions can be separate dynamically loaded libraries, or they can be embedded in the REBOL executable. In fact, REBOL 3 is now highly modularised: a number of its subsystems are embedded modules, and subsystems written in C and C++ are embedded extensions. Those modules and extensions are part of the open host kit, so that custom collections can be compiled into REBOL executables.
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RE: Gotten to the point of ...
by reez on Fri 26th Nov 2010 21:01 UTC in reply to "Gotten to the point of ..."
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What's legacy?

I am not a REBOL developer, but usually there isn't a better reason for such comments. The primary reason for talking bad about an other programming language is that there is a personal preference for an other language.

Oh there are also other things, like current hype, FUD and tons of nonsense getting written.

See the OO. Nobody has ever been able to provide a study that OO is better. This also doesn't mean it is worse. Same for functional programming or anything else.

The best programming language is the one that fits you and therefore allows you to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Today it really bad. Everyone has to learn Java. Why? I don't think Java is a bad choice per se, but it's just one language and like there is not just one programmer there is not just one right language.

Just because a programming language is newer or older it doesn't mean it is better/worse. They are all completely artificial and to me it is like saying Harry Potter is better than MacBeth, because it's more modern. Or Triprock (just looked up on Wikipedia. The newest thing I could find) is better, because it's a newer genre.

We shouldn't create such artificial norms and borders. I mean after all we have computers, so that we don't have that they do all this rational thinking stuff. The programming language is just an interface, so that we don't have to be like computers. We humans should do the stuff we are good at and therefore we should use the language which allows us to do so. Our brains are optimized for our lives, but they are all different and therefore we all have different ways to think and therefore there are different ways (programming languages) to communicate with computers.

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