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KDE "KDE releases 4.6 beta1 of Workspaces, Applications and Development Frameworks, bringing significant improvements to desktop search, a revamped activity system and a significant performance boost to window management and desktop effects. Efforts all across the KDE codebase pay off by making KDE's frameworks more suitable for usage on all devices. The release provides a testing base for a stable release in January 2011."
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RE[4]: Comment by kaiwai
by boudewijn on Sat 27th Nov 2010 08:54 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by kaiwai"
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There's nothing ideological about the "split" of KOffice, it is just that people are fed up with the constant rows and quarrels one developer caused and have decided to continue without him.

We expect to release the first release candidate of KOffice 2.3 very soon. It will contain a lot of improvements already to the support for loading Microsoft Office files (both binary and ooxml-based). And of course, as you say a really good Krita release!

Meanwhile, in a feature branch, we're working very hard on improving text layout, ODF compatibility and performance improvements. This branch will very likely the basis for the successor of KOffice.

And, of course, KOffice is the core engine for the only free sofware mobile office suite in the world; FreOffice, which is being developed right inside the KOffice subversion repository. I recently managed to get it to run on the meego-based WeTab -- now I need to find time to actually make it conform to the WeTab user interface :-).

So in short: development is not interrupted and we're still making really good progress and going places where no-one has gone before.

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