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Syllable, AtheOS The new version 3 of the REBOL programming language supports extensions written in other languages. Extensions are implemented on top of the modules framework, which is also new. Extensions can be separate dynamically loaded libraries, or they can be embedded in the REBOL executable. In fact, REBOL 3 is now highly modularised: a number of its subsystems are embedded modules, and subsystems written in C and C++ are embedded extensions. Those modules and extensions are part of the open host kit, so that custom collections can be compiled into REBOL executables.
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RE: Gotten to the point of ...
by -pekr- on Sat 27th Nov 2010 09:47 UTC in reply to "Gotten to the point of ..."
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You either never coded, or you are a coder running on a dried batteries :-) I think that anyone's brain having at least a bit of a juice can understand, what the extension is good for and what the word "extension" stands for :-)

So if you have some usefull packages, as e.g. Image Magick, or external environments like Matlab, you are supposed to re-code all that stuff in a language of your choice? Surely not. Extension is an API to external world. With REBOL dialecting capabilities, it makes for a nice combination.

Some extensions are starting to pop-up: - Image Magick, Matlab, Text to Speech, Windows API - ODBC

Extensions surely have some drawbacks - they are platform dependant, so unless someone ports them, such extensions are not available for other rebollers to use.

I am glad OS News gives some space for non mainstream stuff. REBOL is surely not used by millions, but it does a good job to those using it. Putting it down is really not necessary ...

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