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Windows Since the US is stuffing turkeys down their faces today, we're a little low on news. As such, let's talk about this sort-of jailbreak for Windows Phone 7 devices. Like iOS, you can't sideload applications by default, and as such, we need to resort to hacks to unshackle Windows Phone 7 phones from the Marketplace. This has been made incredibly easy. Also, just to annoy those that don't like unicorns: PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS DANCING ON RAINBOWS.
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RE[3]: Sideloading?
by n4cer on Sat 27th Nov 2010 18:45 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Sideloading?"
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MS probably won't close this, they are not nearly as paranoid about such things as other companies. They'll probably just complain about, while patting themselves on the back behind closed doors about how many phones they are selling.

This doesn't provide any functionality that isn't already provided by MS. It installs MS' developer certificsate to the device. This normally requires you to pay $99 to get a developer accout at Basically, it seems Long, et al., paid the fee, copied the certificate, then made the app to copy the certificate to other devices, bypassing MS' service. There is incentive for MS to block this (support/trust/financial/legal) -- they would probably need to modify their process to incorporate the device's UID into the cert.

However, since it doesn't harm the Marketplace (basically lowers the cost barrier for running your own code on your device to ZuneHD levels), they could remove the cost of developer unlocking devices, and only charge the $99 fee when one intends to submit an app to the Marketplace or take advantage of other services. IIRC, the fee is currently waived for students (DreamSpark).

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