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Legal The US is really ramping up its war on intellectual property infringement, a war which I'm sure will be just as successful, cheap and supported by the people as the wars on drugs and terrorism. The US has started seizing the domain names of various websites through ICANN - not because owners of these sites were convicted of anything, but merely because complaints have been filed against them. Anyone want to take a guess how long it will be before the US government blocks WikiLeaks? Update: The blocks function outside of the US too. In other words, the US is forcing its views upon the rest of the world once again.
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RE[2]: Correction
by dc396 on Sat 27th Nov 2010 21:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Correction"
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The host (i.e., the servers and the company/people they belong to) have not been seized. The domain has been seized - as in, the US told ICANN: block that domain name.

Do you have any evidence of ICANN's involvement? I'm honestly curious. The only thing I've seen is GoDaddy blaming ICANN, specifically the article states:

'“I firstly had DNS downtime. While I was contacting GoDaddy I noticed the DNS had changed. Godaddy had no idea what was going on and until now they do not understand the situation and they say it was totally from ICANN,” he explained.'

The way ICANN works and its role in coordinating generic top-level domains, it would be beyond surprising if they were to have any role in the takedown of the domains. It is far more likely that either GoDaddy removed the names or VeriSign did (since all the names appear to be in COM/NET).

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