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Legal The US is really ramping up its war on intellectual property infringement, a war which I'm sure will be just as successful, cheap and supported by the people as the wars on drugs and terrorism. The US has started seizing the domain names of various websites through ICANN - not because owners of these sites were convicted of anything, but merely because complaints have been filed against them. Anyone want to take a guess how long it will be before the US government blocks WikiLeaks? Update: The blocks function outside of the US too. In other words, the US is forcing its views upon the rest of the world once again.
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by Neolander on Mon 29th Nov 2010 08:57 UTC in reply to "Comment by Nixtr"
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The only reason those sites move off of US soil is to try to hide from the law that protects artists and developers from being denied their rightful royalty.

Oh, you mean that 3-4% authors and developpers gets on each sold item, right ?

People should stop pretending that those laws protect authors. They protect editors and distributors, before anything else. A law protecting authors would first give them at least 20% on each sale, given their vital role in the media industry.

This does not mean that I defend piracy. But I do think that there's much more than customers at the bottom of the scale to blame, here.

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