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Legal "Three of the admins behind The Pirate Bay are all still guilty, a Swedish appeals court decided on Friday, but their jail time has been reduced. Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde, and Carl Lundstrom's prison sentences have all been reduced from the original one year to between 4 and 10 months each, though the trade-off is an increase in damages that they must pay to the music and movie industries."
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Backpacking is stealing!!!
by circlomanen on Mon 29th Nov 2010 11:23 UTC
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Everytime i go backpacking i STEAL income from all luxury cruises in the Bahamas.
Lets face it, cheap vacations is criminal. Its is stealing from companies selling travels all over the world. Every time i go backpacking is a lost income for some company. Not to mention every time i ride a bicycle instead of using a car. That is stealing too.

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