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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu After announcing the move to Unity, and the eventual move to Wayland further down the line (someday one day perhaps eventually maybe once when unicorns roam the earth), Ubuntu is announcing yet another major change, this time in its release policy. While they're not moving to a rolling release as some websites are claiming, they will update components and applications more often.
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RE[9]: Symptom of a Wider Problem
by hamster on Mon 29th Nov 2010 15:38 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Symptom of a Wider Problem"
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nxsty, Your dealing with paid microsoft advertisement companies, pretending to be individuals.

And you respond with a load of nonsens..?

Who in their right mind would ever run a 9 year old Linux distribution ? The whole beauty of Linux is that its constantly evolving! Does it really matter if I can run new versions of programs on obsolete distributions ? No because the Linux model is vastly different to Windows, its continuously updated and evolved. This is just such an asinine point and so far removed from reality, no one and I mean no one runs 9 year old versions of Linux there is just no need for it. Only Hired Microsoft shills could make such a ridiculous point and try to make it sound like a valid criticism, its just not reality.. Who uses old 386/486 Computers as their main desktop computer now ? Its the same stupid principle..

Yeah who would want to run an os that has proven it self to be stable enough to run in a production enviropment where it might be part of a cnc and what not... You do realise that the desktop/servers arent the only place you'll see an os right?

Furthermore back on topic with this news article, Ubuntu was started in 2004 thats 6 years ago it didnt even exist 9 years ago, who cares if it could run openoffice ?

Who cares if it runs open office now?

Where it comes to package maintenance and distribution Linux is obviously far superior. Digitally signed packages in a centralised and maintained repository easily searchable to find any program you want automatically updated from the same package management system, practically no malware as its all digitally signed (except for 1 very badly maintained irc server). All automatically updated all automatically maintained.. Its about as good as it gets, no platform can match Linux in terms of package management.

I do agree with you here. The idea of a central point for software install and update are better then what we see on windows.

Even windows system update is taken directly from the Linux world, Linux had auto update well before Windows. Take a look at Windows now the more I look at its touted features:

Are you serius trying to make it appear as if it's a linux thing only? Or just trying to make it look like linux was the first with a way to do central updating?

UAC , yeah thats sudo..

And what is sudo? A veriation su?

c:\users oh right because mac uses /Users/ Which I think is a hardlink to /home/

What are you trying to state here?

Aero, yes again thank you Mac OSX, also Linux does it far better.

Linux? Don't you think you should give credit where due?

The more I have to laugh, this is the best Microsoft has to offer now? No thanks I will be sticking to my Linux distro that automatically updates everything for me and provides me with a kick ass shell, a kick ass desktop (I love Kde and I also absolutely love Enlightenment E17) Enlightenment as far as desktop design goes Rasterman and the E17 team are absolute Geniuses (Genii whatever). Anyone here remember the early E17 demos with the moving backgrounds ? The effects he had running well before Compiz were just amazing. That I guess is the difference Linux because of its constantly evolving model is always on the forefront of technology. The desktop may at times become unstable, but never the underlying system. It can be made to look absolutely beautiful and can be adapted to do exactly what the user needs it to do, rather than the user having to adapt themselves around the OS. This is the beauty and charm of Linux take windows and its "stable abis" and shove it where the Sun dont shine.

Allways at the forefront of technology? Oh yeah right.

I even switched my parents over to Kubuntu and my Mum regularly uses it, My Dad who has Windows 7 on his desktop prefers working on the Kubuntu laptop, its just less hassle for them. I have made the Icons super huge on the desktop and have set it up so that my Mum can just click the icons and get to access her emails, have her google voice conversations in gmail and tune into their favorite Radio stations, thats the beauty. I can configure the desktop to suite them and their bad eyesight. Long gone has the old limitations of software, there is nothing they use on windows that isn't available on Linux and this is in huge part thanks to companies like Google who are themselves huge Linux supporters or even Skype and of course Open Office and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Good for you. But what part of what you did for your parents are imposible to do on a windows box?

If this eventually roles into rolling updates rather than having to rely on constantly updated distribution numbers I think Ubuntu would greatly benefit from it. This is one of the reasons why I always loved Debian Sid, once installed it was always updated to the latest cutting edge stuff. Maybe Ubuntu should rethink their packaging strategy and follow Debians strategy more closely, or maybe I should just switch back to Debian.

They wont make the switch anyways.

You know what I really hate is this windows drivel and hate thats spewed on practically every Linux article on the web. Take your windows and stick to it, us Linux users really dont care. Its never constructive criticism its always knit picking and useless points being raised that do nothing other than end up annoying other users, its removes healthy valid conversations, it removes the essence of learning and understanding and instead fills it with nonsense and garbage.

If you want to trashtalk something you really should do your research first.

Its like a bunch of dumb ass monkeys coming in to the room and throwing shit all over the good conversations, shit throwing if you will.

As long as they did their research first i don't find it more annoying then your rant.

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