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Legal We've had a bit of a copyrightesque weekend here on OSNews, so it seems only fitting to end this Sunday with yet another story on this subject. This one isn't so much anger-inducing as much as it is what?-inducing - you'll either laugh or cry. It basically comes down to this: a smart lawyer is selling self-help packages to aid victims of the mass-P2P lawsuits in the US, and now the media companies behind those lawsuits are suing this lawyer... For causing them damage.
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Ok, so just so we're clear here, you are saying that Motions to Quash do NOT work, but motions to dismiss based on personal jurisdiction have been successful? I think we're in agreement on this.

However. Mr Syfert's form package includes both a Motion to Quash (which seems to be useless) and a Motion to Dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction (which seems somewhat effective). Yet in your original post you claim that Mr Syfert's forms are not effective.

Can I get a clear answer from you: in your opinion, while Mr Syfert's form to move to quash is useless, is the motion to dismiss form worthwhile?

Let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

(BTW thank your for your patience and helpful attitude thus far)

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