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KDE "KDE releases 4.6 beta1 of Workspaces, Applications and Development Frameworks, bringing significant improvements to desktop search, a revamped activity system and a significant performance boost to window management and desktop effects. Efforts all across the KDE codebase pay off by making KDE's frameworks more suitable for usage on all devices. The release provides a testing base for a stable release in January 2011."
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RE[2]: Which distro?
by chimby on Tue 30th Nov 2010 18:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Which distro?"
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I'm using PCBSD 8.1 on my work desktop and its KDE support and integration is wonderful. KMail especially is much better than on my OpenSuSE 11 desktop and laptop. I have thousands of IMAP folders containing tens of gigabytes of content, and on OpenSuSE from 11.x onward my KMail app runs out of file descriptors trying to synch that account. Apparently it's using one thread per folder. A bad idea in general, but specifically for me it means thousands of popups to be dismissed before I can kill the app. I don't know what the OpenSuSE integrators were thinking, there.

Wow this is the first time I have ever seen anyone mention this if it is the problem I have been experiencing. Whenever I try to use Kmail it somehow marks all my mail as "new" again and I get notifications on my phone for every single email I have...SUPER annoying. I wish this could be fixed.

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