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Apple Now this is interesting. My brand-new MacBook Air 11.6" is at my local Apple retailer because either the SATA part of the logic board or the SSD died mysteriously, and here we have Apple blocking PhotoFast from selling their faster, more spacious replacement drives.
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Thats one of the best analogies I have seen for Apple products... Really. Just to pile on...

Top 10 Ways Apple Products are like Hot Women

10. If you don't pay enough attention to them they start to act weird.
9. The more accessories they have the better they look.
8. No matter how much trouble they give you, you can't help but love them anyway.
7. Men tend to stare at them a lot when they see another man with one.
6. If you treat them really good they tend to stay sexy longer.
5. They ain't cheap.
4. A newer better version of them comes along just when you get tired of the last one (but they are better than woman in this respect because you natural inclination to kick the old one to the curb is actually encouraged).
3. A single one is ok... but they are REALLY great if you get 2 or 3 of them together at the same time.
2. About once a month during routine updates they tend to go nuts.


1. They can be bitchy as hell if you don't do things just they way they like them done. But if you do things just so they are GREAT.

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