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Linspire Intentionally or not, Linspire may be trying to become the "Education Linux" distribution. The desktop Linux software maker, formerly known as Lindows, Thursday launched a new, low-cost licensing program for schools who wish to install a Linux desktop operating system as an alternative to the more expensive Microsoft Windows operating system.
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RE[2]: sorry...
by Pelly on Fri 14th Oct 2005 19:27 UTC
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The other thing they hate about Linspire, and this one I agree with, is the dumbing down of users Linspire does. Its users are often whiners like children who don't want to learn HOW to solve a problem but just want the answer to the problem - its incredibly annoying.

I believe that's an unfair statement. Rememebr that Linspire, even when they were Lindows, Inc., has always targetted the new Linux users.

People new to any process, or different way of doing things, can always be perceived as being, 'whiney.' This is true during the 'exposure' and learning curve.

The target market that Linspire aims towards are the people who want a low-cost alternative to Microsoft Windows and who just want to use their systems.

Just because you can drive an auto doesn't mean you have to know how everything works. All the driver needs a is basic skillset to operate the vehicle.

Experience fine tunes the basic knowledge which comes from practice.

No, I'm not a Linspire zealot but let's not be mean just because the article is about them.

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