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Apple Now this is interesting. My brand-new MacBook Air 11.6" is at my local Apple retailer because either the SATA part of the logic board or the SSD died mysteriously, and here we have Apple blocking PhotoFast from selling their faster, more spacious replacement drives.
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RE[6]: Comment by Luminair
by kaiwai on Wed 1st Dec 2010 15:09 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Luminair"
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Perhaps you should make an effort to write how you speak, rather than being open and honest about being an Internet Tough Guy.

How am I being an 'internet tough guy'? an 'internet tough guy' would be if I was threatening you with violence or chest beating saying I can 'kick your ass' - none of which I said.

The only reason you would be more aggressive when writing rather than speaking is cowardice.

Ah, personal attacks, nice one - why come up with a valid critique when pseudo psychology can be your specialty.

I speak my mind freely, and I go to great pains to write exactly how I speak.

Yes, I speak with rather odd, mechanical, overly-verbose and occasionally intentionally-abstruse diction.

I'm not saying turn down your aggression, though I do think it's misplaced. I'm saying grow a pair of something brassy and try acting this way in public to total strangers and see how it goes. If you can handle the consequences, I'll respect you.

You're assuming when I say these things I am shouting - if you knew me you would know that I don't show, scream or yell; I've been accused of having a boring monotone voice. The fact that you link my writing style to that of a person yelling says a lot about the way you speak than the way I sound like.

How about reading some of Friedrich Nietzsche's writing then read a biography on him - then you'll see what I mean. A passionate and forth right writer needn't sound like a jackass in real life walking around screaming and ranting as some sort of manifestation of a particular style of writing.

Why should anyone have to make a video of themselves to satisfy you? What difference does it make? It's still a human being on the other end of the discussion, but now it takes more bandwidth and time.

Way to go dropping context - but then again, why use context when you can twist and distort things to make yourself sound like a 'online psychologists'. You remind me very much of this profile:

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