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Apple Now this is interesting. My brand-new MacBook Air 11.6" is at my local Apple retailer because either the SATA part of the logic board or the SSD died mysteriously, and here we have Apple blocking PhotoFast from selling their faster, more spacious replacement drives.
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RE[6]: Comment by Luminair
by kaiwai on Wed 1st Dec 2010 15:17 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Luminair"
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Heh, well the combination of beer and a bit of tantrum just made me laugh a bit and thus I made a pretty poor joke. For the record afaik you are right in what you wrote, although I would personally have voiced it with less venom.

True, it could have been put in a more polite tone but it is frustrating when something has been corrected a million times and yet there is still some person who insists on repeating the already well and truly discredited point that they're about to make.

I find it funny when people read my posts and automatically assume that if I were to say it in real life I'd be yelling at the other person because my writing happens to be forthright. When people assume that writing born out of frustration must mean yelling and anger it is really saying something about themselves to which they're projecting than anything about the way in which the person would actually being saying it in real life.

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