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Linux Splashtop has released a new version of its instant-on OS that is based on the Chromium browser and could shorten PC boot times to just a few seconds. The latest version of the Splashtop OS, now in beta, is a lightweight version of Linux that allows users to surf the Web, access online applications or check e-mail almost instantly after switching on a PC.
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Download package is just a downloader
by ayeomans on Wed 1st Dec 2010 17:55 UTC
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The download package would appear to be simply a program that checks the hardware type and then displays the list of supported hardware, if it's not one of those. It doesn't contain the Splashtop package.

Extracting the files indicate that it calls
SplashtopOSSetup.exe -n:PROTODL03H0 -p:

I'm not sure where the real packages are stored.

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