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In the News And so the Wikileaks saga continues - with politics once again crossing with the technology side of things. After several DDoS attacks on Wikileaks' website, the organisation decided to move their website over to Amazon's cloud service yesterday. Today, Amazon kicked Wikileaks out of its cloud after being pressured by US Congress. Update: [Kroc] In a Q&A on the Guardian website, Julian Assange drops the bomb--Amazon failed the test: "Since 2007 we have been deliberately placing some of our servers in jurisdictions that we suspected suffered a free speech deficit inorder to separate rhetoric from reality. Amazon was one of these cases.". Stunning.
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RE: the truth is there
by weorthe on Thu 2nd Dec 2010 07:39 UTC in reply to "the truth is there"
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(you are not america[america it's composed by a lot of countries], nor you are north america[USA, Canada and Mexico

In the English language, "America" is not a continent. "North America is." "South America" is. "The Americas" (plural) is a region, as is "Latin America," "Central America," etc. There is no ambiguity. Anyway, it was Europeans who named it.

The real kleptonymaniacs are the good people of so-called "Europe," i.e., the European Union, which contains neither Europe's largest nor second largest country, nor its two most populous countries, nor its most powerful one.

As for the leaks, the latest ones don't seem to show "America" doing anything wrong, unless being polite in public and frank in private is somehow wrong.

As for the government's response to the leaks, it's about what you'd expect in a free country. The nation's newspaper of record, the New York Times, along with hundreds of others, prints excerpts without fear of censorship or retribution. Politicians posture and blather. Companies like Amazon simper, but Amazon is not a news organization, it is a retail outlet with a different mission. You can find out anything at all about the leaks on do-no-evil Google.

Do you think a Russian newspaper will print the leaks about Putin and Medvedev? Can you discuss the leaks about North Korea in a Chinese chat room?

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