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Linspire Intentionally or not, Linspire may be trying to become the "Education Linux" distribution. The desktop Linux software maker, formerly known as Lindows, Thursday launched a new, low-cost licensing program for schools who wish to install a Linux desktop operating system as an alternative to the more expensive Microsoft Windows operating system.
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I do the same at the University where I work. The annual MS fees were over $16000 this year.

Don't forget that any new computer(s) purchased must still come with Windows pre-installed.

So you effectively pay twice for Windows usage on some of your computers. We added about 100 new computers to our campus this year. Given that an OEM version of Windows goes for about $80, then we paid about $8000 more to use Windows for a year.

When we take computers out of service, due to age, we don't ever get a rebate for the copies of Windows we won't be using anymore.

I am not saying that Microsoft isn't entitled to their fees, or that schools should run to linux, but it certainly is an expensive proposition to stay with Windows year after year. I wouldn't blame administrators for looking for more cost effective solutions.

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