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In the News And so the Wikileaks saga continues - with politics once again crossing with the technology side of things. After several DDoS attacks on Wikileaks' website, the organisation decided to move their website over to Amazon's cloud service yesterday. Today, Amazon kicked Wikileaks out of its cloud after being pressured by US Congress. Update: [Kroc] In a Q&A on the Guardian website, Julian Assange drops the bomb--Amazon failed the test: "Since 2007 we have been deliberately placing some of our servers in jurisdictions that we suspected suffered a free speech deficit inorder to separate rhetoric from reality. Amazon was one of these cases.". Stunning.
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The WikiLeaks Opportunity
by JacobMunoz on Thu 2nd Dec 2010 19:07 UTC
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The fact that our government is so furious over these documents shows exactly how important it is that they be released.. let's look at the facts:

None of the foreign governments involved have expressed surprise or concern over these documents - these facts were already known to them, although they may not have had the exact wording before the leaks.. big f-ing whoop, they're not stupid enough to think diplomacy isn't dirty and unpleasant.

Nearly all of this information WILL eventually be released in some form, it's just a matter of timing. I agree that if people's lives are in more danger if the documents are released it shouldn't be done, but if the information will lead to uncovering and dismantling long-term corruption, you just can't deny that it should be done. Corruption kills, uncovering corruption kills as well - but that doesn't mean they're morally the same, one is fundamentally superior. And this is where the US gov't is going wrong...

WikiLeaks provides a unique and possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for nations to air some of their dirty laundry and make amends with the public, all while maintaining political neutrality regarding the specific leaks. The CIA and FBI rarely make public apologies (worth believing), and over time We Americans have grown to fear and distrust our own "democratic" government. We absolutely know that our government does despicable things, and waits far too long to apologise for actions which are SUBHUMAN. Experiments that were performed on students, foreigners, prisoners, _soldiers_... it makes me ashamed of my country sometimes... most of the time.

I often wonder if we won World War II... I know we defeated the Nazi German and Imperial Japanese regimes, but I think we became infected with their demonic mentality that states have the right to do anything in the name of "The State"..

..I feel like we all lost. Our founding fathers would be ashamed of what we've done with our freedom.

RIP: United States Liberty
A promise cut short.

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