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Multimedia, AV The sweet smell of competition is lingering in the air. That sweet smell which indicates that somewhere in the vicinity a company is working on actually improving a product so we can all benefit. This time around, it's Adobe, delivering the first Flash 10.2 beta. Prime feature? Complete hardware acceleration of the entire video pipeline - fully cross platform, cross-form factor. Cross-platform! There's a catch, though.
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RE[6]: Thank Apple
by _txf_ on Fri 3rd Dec 2010 15:36 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Thank Apple"
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They're hardware limitations and nothing to do with VPAU - the following lists the limitations:

There is little Apple can do in terms of the limitations apart from maybe creating a whole new framework that is based on top of GLSL rather than tapping into the video decoding part of the GPU. It would be more complex but it would also probably support a lot more video formats, sizes on more GPU's.

Unfortunately files that work using VDPAU in linux don't work in OSX. These are only h264( I'm not including VC-1 and divx which are also accelerated under vdpau but not in osx). VDPAU works on everything thrown at it, QTX chokes on most things (in terms of bitstream acceleration).
Seeing as flash seemed to have a similar discrepancy between DXVA2 and the accel framework on osx suggests to me there is something wrong with the framework on osx. It would be interesting to see what the differences are between all the platforms now that bitstream acceleration is available to all.

Apple really needs to improve the acceleration framework and QTX. They really ought to do it fast, especially after they coasted on the old QT framework since the early 90s piling crap on top of it much the same way that adobe is doing to flash now.

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