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Debian and its clones "ZFS will be supported in Debian Squeeze using the official installer. This means that Debian Squeeze will be one of the first GNU distributions to support ZFS. In fact, even though ZFS support didn't make it to Debian-Installer beta1 by the time it was released, it is now available in the netboot images (this happens because netboot images fetch newer installer components from the internet)."
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RE[3]: Finally
by phoenix on Fri 3rd Dec 2010 16:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Finally"
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And my university's FreeBSD machines can't even run top properly (no output, sole thing to do is Ctl+C) and take ages to boot as soon as there's a single small package update because they absolutely have to do that at boot time.

Uh, no, packages are not "updated" at boot time. Nor are they installed at boot time. The only OS I know of that does that is Windows Vista/7.

I'm sure that a properly configured BSD does not have these issues, what I'm trying to say is that maybe your issues with Linux do not come from Linux software as a whole, and you'd find a properly configured Linux system more interesting.

"Properly configured" has nothing to do with GNU ifconfig missing options that FreeBSD ifconfig has, and requiring you to use a slew of binaries to do the same (ifconfig, ip, wiconfig, iwconfig, ethtool, miitool, etc). That's a defect in the ifconfig binary.

Same for vmstat. Same for gstat. Same for tar. Same for most of the BSD binaries -- they are just more featureful and easier to use than the Linux ones.

Just about daily, I go to do something on a Linux station, and find that I can't do it as easily as on a FreeBSD station.

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