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Morphos MorphOS 2.7 has been released, and it's mostly a bug-fix release. The one thing that stood out to me is that some work has gone into fixing bugs for several PowerPC G4 chips - more specifically, models used in PowerBook G4s. MorphOS has been demonstrated on the PowerBook G4, but official support for it has not been released yet.
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I have to say that MorphOS, must be one of the best OS'es I've ever used. I use MacOSX, Android, Windows 7 and MorphOS daily and have to conclude that in the end of the day. MorphOS feels like an operating system should!

1. Its very fast on my 1.5GHz MacMini PPC machine!
2. Multitasking at its best
3. Switching between screens in MorphOS (AmigaOS) is so much better done than on other platforms!
4. So easy to configure. Can edit almost everything without beeing an scientist.
5. Programs starts instantly. There is no loading or delay as in other operating systems!...
6. Great shortcuts
7. Good surfing experience with OWB. With further development, even better!
8. Reboot takes seconds
9. Turning off machine can be done thru the menu and it happens instantly. No waiting for shutting down.
10. Best MPlayer (multimedia) player for any platform. Like it very much.
11. AmIRC runs on MorphOS! Best IRC client ever for me

I dont say that you have to get MorphOS, but if you are tired of other OS's slowness.. MorphOS might give you the kick that changes your day.

So, if you have a PPC mac which is supported, goto

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