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Google Finally! After pioneering sandboxing of Javascript and tabs in the browser, Chrome is now finally busy moving Flash into a sandbox. Windows users of the dev channel have been fed the new release with Flash sandboxing already.
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Just relax
by rain on Sun 5th Dec 2010 00:46 UTC
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Flash will go away eventually. Google knows it and even Adobe knows it. But it will take time and Flash is still something that almost everyone will install either way, so why not try to make it as secure as possible?

I'm with Google on this one as I don't think not including flash with Chrome would make any difference. And if they banned flash completely then no one would use the browser, because it's just a browser, not a shiny cool iDevice.

Adobe has been preparing for flash to lose foothold for quite some time now. In fact with CS5 they have shown that they have serious intentions on becoming the leading HTML5 authoring tool developer.
That's where they make the money anyway.

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