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Morphos MorphOS 2.7 has been released, and it's mostly a bug-fix release. The one thing that stood out to me is that some work has gone into fixing bugs for several PowerPC G4 chips - more specifically, models used in PowerBook G4s. MorphOS has been demonstrated on the PowerBook G4, but official support for it has not been released yet.
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by fran on Sun 5th Dec 2010 19:01 UTC in reply to "Re: Comment by fran"
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Your right, I am unaware.
Will porting it require an almost whole rewrite?

Here where I live second hand MACS is really scarce.
This is what caused me to scour info on alternatives.

I can see it either going two ways.

1. Morph shift their efforts to another platform. Maybe even just one with great promise. From what you said shifting platform is much much easier said than done. The Morph Team then might not have enough time/resources to maintain two platforms and loose a support base if it choose to go exclusively with one.

2. Morph go into some type of partnership with a hardware companie(s) and sell or make info available on it's site where to buy these hardware.

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