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Legal I'm (was?) a Twitter user. This past week I found it utterly weird that none of the words #wikileaks, #cablegate, #cables, #Assange were actually "trending". I even tweeted about this 5 days ago. Today, my fears of secret censorship seem to be coming true. It appears that Twitter is censoring all these words, so they don't appear in the (much-used) Twitter "trends" list. Update 1: A Twitter staffer replied to the blog post saying that their trending algorithm doesn't always result to the most popular terms. Update 2: More investigation about what might be going on.
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Kudos to you, Thom
by aust77 on Mon 6th Dec 2010 01:18 UTC
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That was a well-said, to the point article and personally my favorite that you have written to date. Twitter is trying to point us in the "right" direction, hiding reality and attempting to lead us to believe that the U.S is correct far more often than it truly is, something WikiLeaks has proved wrong, attracting endless criticism. Yet Twitter allows it's entire community to babble on relentlessly regarding the Iranian revolution.

By all means I respect the United States and believe it does a fantastic job of maintaining order in such an enormous population. At the same time we need to be able to own up to our mistakes and not go chasing after those who ratted us out. Countries like Iran are not close to home and clearly do not affect our lives on a daily basis.

Once again, an excellent article, Thom.


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