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Legal "The licensing dispute that has prevented NVIDIA from building controller chips for Intel's latest CPUs may finally be coming to a close. Late last week, a Bloomberg report cited inside sources that claim the two companies are in talks to settle the matter out of court. While both Intel and NVIDIA would benefit from a settlement - for instance, by avoiding legal fees for protracted litigation - Apple also stands to gain."
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Good news, and not only for Apple.
by gehersh on Mon 6th Dec 2010 03:42 UTC
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For those who are not heavy gamers, having nvidia chipset is the optimal solution. Of course, nvidia said it was no longer in chipset business, but IMHO they may change their mind if the agreement with Intel would allow them back to producing chipsets.

Of course, Apple was (and still is) the major user, and, I remember Dell had one model with Nvidia integrated graphics. I hope to see more. It is not clear whether Sandy Bridge will have something substantially better compared with what Intel has now. May be Ivy Bridge will. The fact is nvidia has it now: integrated graphics with a decent performance.

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