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General Development InfoWorld's Peter Wayner outlines the 12 most common programming mistakes, and how to avoid them. "Certain programming practices send the majority of developers reaching for their hair upon opening a file that has been exhibiting too much 'character'. Spend some time in a bar near any tech company, and you'll hear the howls: Why did the programmer use that antiquated structure? Where was the mechanism for defending against attacks from the Web? Wasn't any thought given to what a noob would do with the program?" Wayner writes. From playing it fast and loose, to delegating too much to frameworks, to relying too heavily on magic boxes, to overdetermining the user experience - each programming pitfall is accompanied by its opposing pair, lending further proof that "programming may in fact be transforming into an art, one that requires a skilled hand and a creative mind to achieve a happy medium between problematic extremes".
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When has the design and coding of complex software NOT been an art?

Code which simply "works" is usually not the same as easily maintainable code, and elegant code often trumps both in terms of both functionality and long-term maintainability.

I don't think the subjectivity of coding is limited to style, either. Some folks simply have a better ability to divide a problem into discrete steps and create an elegant generalized solution than the rest of us...

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