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KDE "The KDE community today announces the start of the Calligra Suite project, a continuation of the KOffice project. The new name reflects the wider value of the KOffice technology platform beyond just desktop office applications. With a new name for the Suite and new names for the productivity applications, the Calligra community welcomes a new stage in the development of free productivity and creativity applications for desktop and mobile devices."
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RE[2]: Gut so!
by lemur2 on Wed 8th Dec 2010 00:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Gut so!"
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People seems to overlook the real motives behind the new name. The new name is due to conflicts between the KOffice team, so Calligra is mostly a fork of KOffice.

Hold the phone: here is another article which tends to back up your point calling Calligra the fork:
Aaron Siego that actually goes into detail on the KOffice to Calligra situation. "So, let's start with some facts: KOffice has experienced an internal fork and in the process has been renamed "Calligra". The fork itself came about through unresolved differences between a member of the KOffice team and the rest of the members over how to manage both long term targets and day-to-day development.

I still don't get how the group withh all but one of the developers gets to be considered the "fork", but there it is. Aaron Siego of KDE has apparently called Calligra the fork.

However, having noted that, Aaron also says:
To call a one person schism a fork may seem a bit overly dramatic

Too right, it is indeed overly dramatic IMO.

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