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Games Sometimes, it's good to reminisce. To look back upon what came before us, in order to better understand what lies ahead. Last week, I bought a piece of computing history I missed out on, a piece I've desperately been wanting to have for a long time now. I bought what is most likely the best selling computer of all time.
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RE[2]: Some of the best
by NeoX on Wed 8th Dec 2010 01:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Some of the best"
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FF9 was on the PS1, unless I missed a PS2 rerelease. I whole-heartedly agree though. I think perhaps Thom should buy a PS1 as well just to play FF9 ;) Very awesome game

Since the PS2 is backwards compatible, you can play PS1 games just fine on a PS2, you just need a PS1 mem card.

Heck for that matter, you can play it on any PS3 too with a virtual mem card.

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