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Games Sometimes, it's good to reminisce. To look back upon what came before us, in order to better understand what lies ahead. Last week, I bought a piece of computing history I missed out on, a piece I've desperately been wanting to have for a long time now. I bought what is most likely the best selling computer of all time.
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by Raffaele on Wed 8th Dec 2010 09:49 UTC in reply to "Comment by Neolander"
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As for whether a PS2 is a computer, well, in my opinion, it's essentially about the ability to reprogram it. You reprogram a video game console each time you put a CD/cartridge in it (somewhat), so it fits in the category. (I don't consider something like a fridge with a Motorola 68K inside a computer, but looking at what the GBA homebrew community did it fits in that category for me)

It is a console, i.e. a computer that is strongly limited to those specific tasks of playing games and aimed at entertainment, or else I can consider also as a personal computer my smartphone each time I put a micro SD card in it, and play new applets, or I can consider as a computer my old Mattel Intellevision (TM) console, or my scientific electronic calculator.

Facts remain that you can't put a cartridge or a CD into your precious "widdle cunsole" and run natively an Office Suite on it... LOL!

You need to dig deeply into its guts and perform dirty tricks with its firmware to make a console running something that barely resembles performing a computer for anyday usage.

That's the difference with consoles and usual personal computers, because "real" personal computers are built from the early design to be flexible and multi purpose.

For example to achieve new Ultra High Definition TV 4320p in a real personal computer, you just need to add a new graphic card that supports it.

But you can't do that into a console, that is designed not to be expanded.

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