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Games Sometimes, it's good to reminisce. To look back upon what came before us, in order to better understand what lies ahead. Last week, I bought a piece of computing history I missed out on, a piece I've desperately been wanting to have for a long time now. I bought what is most likely the best selling computer of all time.
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RE[3]: Comment by Neolander
by Raffaele on Wed 8th Dec 2010 10:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Neolander"
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You need to dig deeply into its guts and perform dirty tricks with its firmware to make a console running something that barely resembles performing a computer for anyday usage.

Uhm, no. There's a sanctioned Linux kit for the Playstation 2, released and sold by Sony.

It is limited.

You can't access with that Linux distro the real capabilities of all PS2 components and unleash its full power.

Sony has prevented that distro to access full capabilities of PS2.

How is that "digging deeply into its guts" and "dirty tricks"? No offence, but last time I checked, the ability to run Linux on the PS2 makes it a hell of a lot more useful than any Amiga. Same applies to the Dreamcast and Xbox.

That's questionable.

Infacts, as I said previously, modern consoles are full of hardware such as Hard Disks, but you can't expand a console.

It is a product that is born to be with certain characteristics, and you can't expand it just because the manufacturers are planning from the beginning that geeks and core users, and finally the entire market will drop in the trash the old models and purchase a new console unit any time they put new features in it (such as WiFi for example).

Consoles are born to be "usable and disposable" with a high consumption and replacing ratio.

I have nothing versus consoles, but facts says that are just limited computers, and born to play games and sometimes play movies or music.

And by the way, if with that statement you tried to hurt my ego as for the fact I am an amigan, you failed miserably.

However nice try. Better luck next time.

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