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Google Google held a Chrome event today, and the rumours had suggested we might see the launch of Chrome OS today. This turned out to be nonsense, and in all honesty, the entire event didn't really deliver much in the form of new information. The Chrome Web Store has been opened, and the first Chrome OS netbooks will arrive in the middle of 2011.
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Once people (...) want to do some actual work

And you think majority of people are looking to do some work on computer at home... you are very optimistic person.

I don't see the point of it. Another OS for PC, and second OS from same company...

I see some similarity with other Google project:
"What if we will reinvent e-mail..." - we close this project after half a year.
"What if we will reinvent PC OS" - we close project after... we will see, but it will die - I hope soon, so they concentrate on Android.

Yes, people will always need PC (laptop or workstation) but people are happy with Win, Mac and Linux. You must be more innovating then removing "Caps Lock" to introduce new OS.

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