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Games Sometimes, it's good to reminisce. To look back upon what came before us, in order to better understand what lies ahead. Last week, I bought a piece of computing history I missed out on, a piece I've desperately been wanting to have for a long time now. I bought what is most likely the best selling computer of all time.
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RE[3]: Comment by Neolander
by Raffaele on Wed 8th Dec 2010 17:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Neolander"
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For example to achieve new Ultra High Definition TV 4320p in a real personal computer, you just need to add a new graphic card that supports it.

That's stupid in my opinion. When are they going to stop that race for definition? When the human eye is saturated and we need Terminator's eyes implanted?


I agree.

The long race for higher definition TV is just a market move to let people spend their money in new TV sets and drop the old ones.

(It is called "consumism", you know.)

But that fits perfectly the example.

Buy new graphic cards with HDTV or UWTV and you could adapt your personal computer to new standard market.

Buy a console and you could run only at that graphic resolutions that it was built the video-chipset embedded into your current model release.

If another model of console was was released with more graphic capabilities, then you are forced to purchase it to obtain the new graphic resolutions, because there is no way to upgrade the old one console...

Then what you can do with your obsolete console?

You have many choices... You could continue using it until it melts down, you could drop your ancient console and put it in garage/attic, or sell it, make it a gift to some nephews/cousins/little brothers or put it in the garbage. ;)

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