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Internet & Networking It looks like several companies are learning what happens when you mess with the internet - and they're learning it the hard way. Several major companies have been hit by the collective powers of Anonymous after 4chan launched several distributed denial-of-service attacks. What many have been predicting for a long time now has finally happened: an actual war between the powers that be on one side, and the internet on the other. Update: PayPal has admitted their WikiLeaks snub came after pressure from the US government, and Datacell, which takes care of payments to Wikileaks, is threatening to sue MasterCard over Wikileaks' account suspension. Update II: is down due to the attack. Update III: PayPal has caved under the pressure, and will release the funds in the WikiLeaks account.
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RE: Completely disagree
by phoudoin on Wed 8th Dec 2010 19:32 UTC in reply to "Completely disagree"
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Attacking the site holding your information hostage is your only option.

As you said yourself, two wrongs don't make a right!

One can't fight what he consider illegal actions by using illegal means to stop them. Not without revealing his hypocricity and unilateral morality "values".

But that what's currently happening, right now: bank account are closed *and* seized without any due process, sites are closed or censored under pressure, and so on. It's not rule of law, just power.

The masks are falling, causing far more damage than what this finally disappointing cablegate will ever have done alone...

And the irony is that they do it because they don't want people to see how they look behind their masks!

Finally, if Wikileaks was making information transparent from all over the world, then I *may* feel a little bit more compassion towards them.

They are. They have leaked several other secret informations concerning other countries. Like, for instance, a list of blacklisted sites under an Australian bill against pedopornography (from memory), in which several were clearly blacklisted by mistake, or illegaly. But without the leak, main stream will have never know about overblocked sites, or the censoreship power such bill can be.

But the fact that all they do is attack the U.S.

That's not a fact, just your opinion, mostly because you didn't follow WikiLeaks history since long enough...

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