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Google Google held a Chrome event today, and the rumours had suggested we might see the launch of Chrome OS today. This turned out to be nonsense, and in all honesty, the entire event didn't really deliver much in the form of new information. The Chrome Web Store has been opened, and the first Chrome OS netbooks will arrive in the middle of 2011.
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RE: ... and just like thin clients
by phoenix on Wed 8th Dec 2010 20:02 UTC in reply to "... and just like thin clients"
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This would be great for an in-school device. We have several classrooms with managed wireless access points, with the students using Asus eeePC 701s. For educational purposes, they worked nicely:
* creating documents in
* creating drawings in Kolourpaint
* accessing school Moodle sites for online courses
* accessing educational websites for research
* accessing educational websites for games
* etc

Unfortunately, the horrid, broken Xandros that came with the 701s is showing it's age (Firefox 2.x for example) and it's getting harder and harder to use them for anything.

Using the unofficial Hexeh build of ChromiumOS works fairly well on these things. Hopefully there's an upgrade path to ChromeOS or a newer version of ChromiumOS with the improved Chrome browser.

Anything that allows us to squeeze one more year of use out of these things is appreciated. ;)

Trying to run a full-fledged Linux install is possible, but not worth the headaches of maintaining. And running a full desktop env (even LXDE or Xfce) is not fun.

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