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Internet & Networking It looks like several companies are learning what happens when you mess with the internet - and they're learning it the hard way. Several major companies have been hit by the collective powers of Anonymous after 4chan launched several distributed denial-of-service attacks. What many have been predicting for a long time now has finally happened: an actual war between the powers that be on one side, and the internet on the other. Update: PayPal has admitted their WikiLeaks snub came after pressure from the US government, and Datacell, which takes care of payments to Wikileaks, is threatening to sue MasterCard over Wikileaks' account suspension. Update II: is down due to the attack. Update III: PayPal has caved under the pressure, and will release the funds in the WikiLeaks account.
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RE: inappropriate
by lemur2 on Thu 9th Dec 2010 04:09 UTC in reply to "inappropriate"
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I find it greatly concerning and very objectionable that Thom Holwerda has advocated actions that are illegal in most countries, including the US and the EU. I am referring to this line: "I fully support these DDoS attacks." Is it the policy of OSNews to encourage illegal activities like these? In regards to DDos attacks: the Internet relies on cooperation among a great number of very diverse people. It cannot survive if too many people abuse it for political or other ends. What if the victims of these current attacks respond by attacking their attackers, and those who support them such as OSNews? While Mr. Holwerda is obviously entitled to his opinions and is certainly not required to agree with mine, I believe that advocating acts that are both illegal and seemingly diametrically opposed to the spirit of OSNews is inappropriate.

The Wikileaks website, which launched no DDoS attack of its own, has come under heavy DDoS attack.

Whom do you imagine launched that DDoS attack against Wikileaks? Who would be interested in doing this? Who would sponsor such an act?

Was this initial DDoS attack on Wikileaks legal in your view? If it was, why?

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