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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "At D:Dive Into Mobile this evening, Waterloo's outspoken co-CEO went on record that they'll be taking the PlayBook's QNX platform to smartphones just 'as soon as [he has] dual core baseband CPUs', though power consumption remains a limiting factor. At any rate, RIM seems to be fully acknowledging now both that QNX is a little too beefy for today's smartphones and that BlackBerry OS isn't quite beefy enough, which leaves these guys in a bit of a pinch until the dual-core revolution takes hold." It's clear QNX isn't Engadget's forte (I don't blame them - I know jack-all about gadgets compared to them), but of course, we know better. QNX itself will happily run on current-gen mobile phones; heck, even a simple PII will do the job. The problem here is most likely BlackBerry's own userland.
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QNX beefy?
by Dubhthach on Thu 9th Dec 2010 10:59 UTC
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Isn't that a bad joke to say that QNX is beefy. Compared to Linux (Android/Meego) and Xnu (OSX/iOs) kernels it's a featherweight.

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