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Linux Here's the latest in our new series on OS tips from power users: a seemingly trivial task. You have a computer, most likely a laptop, that you wish to keep suspended while you're not working. For example, let's say overnight. At the same time, you wish to run a handful of maintenance tasks, like backups and cleanup, which you don't normally do during the day. So you need a mechanism that will send your machine to sleep, wake it up when necessary, run cron jobs, then send it back to sleep again.
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A slightly better way
by james_parker on Thu 9th Dec 2010 20:16 UTC
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Why not combine the four cron jobs into one? Something like:

rdate -s server; hwclock --systohc; rtcwake args;

The script should start as soon as the system wakes up from rtcwake.

Or course, since this must run as root, full paths should be used; in addition, an additional rtcwake call will probably be needed to put the machine back to sleep until morning after completes.

This avoids any dependency on implicit timing, and keeps everything together in a logical unit.

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