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Java "The Apache Software Foundation concludes that that JCP is not an open specification process - that Java specifications are proprietary technology that must be licensed directly from the spec lead under whatever terms the spec lead chooses; that the commercial concerns of a single entity, Oracle, will continue to seriously interfere with and bias the transparent governance of the ecosystem; that it is impossible to distribute independent implementations of JSRs under open source licenses such that users are protected from IP litigation by expert group members or the spec lead; and finally, the EC is unwilling or unable to assert the basic power of their role in the JCP governance process."
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Don't piss off open source developers
by -oblio- on Thu 9th Dec 2010 21:14 UTC
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It doesn't pay in the long run. Oracle is a big company, a very big company, with big pockets and lots of developers.

But how wise is it to diss so many developers? Sure, it won't happen overnight, but the Apache Foundation really is the driving force behind Java now. Java started as a tool to make portable desktop apps and web applets, and was heavily promoted by Sun. That FAILED COMPLETELY. In the desktop market or on the web, Java is barely there. Sure, there are many desktop Java apps, but they usually are not the reference for their domain.

Java was kept alive by the enterprise market - and here Apache stepped up and delivered the goods.

A lot of developers will be pissed by this (this and the Google lawsuit fiasco) and they will start searching for alternatives.

Cobol, here comes Java ;)

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