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Windows Amidst all the WikiLeaks hoopla, there's also actual regular news going on. Windows 7 is barely out the door, and we're already dealing with Windows 8, which is indeed being worked on but will not arrive for at least two years. There's some rumours from an Italian website which state that the 64bit version of Windows 8 will have a completely new interface called Wind. Right.
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by Drumhellar on Fri 10th Dec 2010 00:07 UTC
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I like this bit:

"The interface of Windows NT will be abandoned."
(translated via Google)

Considering how much still exists in 7 without change, and how much 7's interface is an evolution of it, it makes little sense to just abandon it in favor of a completely new UI design.

Remember: Microsoft has always support old, old stuff in Windows. Even Win98 (and perhaps later versions?) still had progman.exe available.

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