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KDE "The KDE community today announces the start of the Calligra Suite project, a continuation of the KOffice project. The new name reflects the wider value of the KOffice technology platform beyond just desktop office applications. With a new name for the Suite and new names for the productivity applications, the Calligra community welcomes a new stage in the development of free productivity and creativity applications for desktop and mobile devices."
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Morty snarked again...

Sure, but you loose!

Koffice and when it gets released, Calligra Suite, require only kdelibs and kdebase-runtime. This is the same on Windows as it's on any *nix.

The KDE desktop, or Plasma workspace as it's called nowdays, are not needed(kdebase-workspace in the installer).

Okay, I'll play along. So how do I do get that then? I'm using the official installer, right from the KDE site where they linked their installer for KOffice for Windows.

Morty posted...

Oh and just so you can't say "well you should have filtered it" in your next post:

You can see there that filtering did nothing.

Nice images, but you only manage to prove that KOffice is unfortunately not available with the KDE 4.4.4 release for Windows.

Well look at that--you're proving my point for me. There needs to be an easier way for KOffice (or Calligra Suite) to be installed on Windows. The way it is now the average person looking for a free office suite is going to reject it out of hand as impossibly difficult to figure out--after they've already gone ahead and installed the KDE desktop hoping to get Koffice to install.

Here's a picture again so you can see I did actually try to install the 4.2.2 version. Same issue:

Morty said...
But then again, I don't think KOffice has had an official stable release on Windows. So it's hardly surprising.

Oh? Well then that's something to fix, isn't it? Maybe they should have one, take advantage of the situation and revamp things on the Windows side now that they're doing a renaming on top of everything else?

Morty posted...
If you want to play the picture game, here is one clearly showing that KOffice does not require KDE desktop on Windows.

And yet I can't seem to get it to even show up. Hence my original posting where I said this could (and should) be a whole lot easier than it is.

look I'm certainly not a hacker, certified engineer or what have you, but I am able to install and run Linux on several of my computers. I am able to keep my Windows install customized and maintained without issue. I should be able to figure this out. The fact I can't and yet the OO.o\LibreOffice installer just works should be a warning sign.


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