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Windows Amidst all the WikiLeaks hoopla, there's also actual regular news going on. Windows 7 is barely out the door, and we're already dealing with Windows 8, which is indeed being worked on but will not arrive for at least two years. There's some rumours from an Italian website which state that the 64bit version of Windows 8 will have a completely new interface called Wind. Right.
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RE: I call BS
by fran on Fri 10th Dec 2010 10:02 UTC in reply to "I call BS"
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But no
New releases of Windows always drive an upgrade cycle.
Windows 7 maybe not so much because Windows 7 is really a premium Vista service pack.

Look at a non-os related example

PC gaming for instance. Slumped.
2007 was the last great year for must upgrade graphic cards with Crysis and Oblivion 4 before that.
Now that $100 graphics cards works just fine.
You can play all games with that. I do.
Hardware partners/vendors are not happy. Studio's is developing games for Xbox's and PS3 with a PC port. Not the other way around. This games is thus designed to be played on a 256mb videocard.
High End graphics cards upgrades has become..sort of driven by foolishnes, sorry to say.
But hey it's your money.

Microsoft is trying to keep hardware vendors happy and a rumoured game from Microsoft studio is in the works to drive very high end graphics cards.

Windows follow this analogy.

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