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BeOS & Derivatives The Haiku developers are preparing to finalise which features should be present in the first official release of Haiku. "This general interest poll, is to allow you - yes you! - the opportunity to effectively express your thoughts on which features should be present in Haiku R1 (Final). For R1, a balance must be attained between delaying the release and making Haiku R1 a well polished, impressive and feature rich release."
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RE: Include the IDE please
by SuperDaveOsbourne on Fri 10th Dec 2010 15:59 UTC in reply to "Include the IDE please"
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BeOS/OpenBeOS/Zeta/Haiku needs to have much more than a IDE and dev chain, it needs a true OO based graphical interface dev kit like that in OSX to even be remotely successful in the OS world. I hope the developers have the skill set and knowledge to pull this off in C++, which I don't think is an easy task due to the lack of a runtime object system that is dynamic enough to do proxy class substitution and the poseas-ness that ObjC runtime allows. Good luck, and I mean it. I loved BeOS also but it lacked any reasonably simple model for GUI development.

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