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OSNews, Generic OSes I know that there's a number of readers who don't like it when OSnews covers political topics, I'm one of them. These political upheavals however spell danger for operating system hobbyists and so I dedicate this article to framing the political news within the context of what we are here to read about: operating systems.
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by spiderman on Fri 10th Dec 2010 16:13 UTC
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I believe Wikileaks is part of the CIA counter intelligence program and that the media is unintentionally playing their game.
The "leaks" are not embarrassing to the US government and could be used to justify attacking Iran, looking like they care about Global warming and other stuff that look very suspicious.
Moreover it looks like every western government and corporation tries to increase wikileaks media exposure. I didn't care about Wikileaks before they started threatening and acting against it. They arrested Assange with a terrible timing. They can't be THAT stupid. Even me with my limited intelligence could predict that this would put wikileaks in the front page. And did you ever see any bank refusing to accept cash? Do you really think Visa care about the possibly illegal activities of Wikileaks and would refuse to take cash by the time they investigate? That does not make any sense. They knew it would make Wikileaks massive media exposure and they were looking for it. If the CIA is not behind it then the world has gone freacking stupid.

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