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OSNews, Generic OSes I know that there's a number of readers who don't like it when OSnews covers political topics, I'm one of them. These political upheavals however spell danger for operating system hobbyists and so I dedicate this article to framing the political news within the context of what we are here to read about: operating systems.
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I know the topic of the discussion is political articles and why they should or shouldn't be here. I gotta return to a key point though; they accept submissions. If we, the readership, don't like the less OS related articles but want to see the site "returned to former glory".. start writing articles more related to OS'.

Well, my argument isn't that political articles shouldn't be here. I'm saying that if they're going to be here, the authors should at least have enough discipline to stay off the pulpit while writing them. If you just tell me what the story is and exactly what happened from a neutral point-of-view, I think I am intelligent enough to draw my own conclusions without some dyed-in-the-wool liberal trying to spoonfeed it to me.

Note: Don't take the above comment as a cheap shot against liberals, as I have an equal amount of disdain towards conservatives as well.

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