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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Yet another possible change in Ubuntu's core components: they're mulling over replacing GDM with LightDM. Why? Well: "Faster - the greeter doesn't require an entire GNOME session to run. More flexible - multiple greeters are supported through a well defined interface. This allows Ubuntu derivatives to use the same display manager (e.g. Kubuntu, Lubuntu etc.). Simpler codebase - similar feature set in ~5000 lines of code compared to 50000 in GDM. Supports more usecases - first class support for XDMCP and multihead."
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RE[3]: nice
by Sauron on Sat 11th Dec 2010 09:56 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: nice"
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I agree, Debian is the distro to go for if stability is what your after. For me, it can't happen soon enough for Ubuntu to "innovate" themselves into oblivion. It is the most bug ridden, crash happy Linux distro I have ever come across. At times even updates break the entire system to the point of unusable, why there is so many other distro's using it as a base for their own I will never understand. I mean it's not as if Debian can't be customized and made into a great desktop OS, installing Ultamatix does most of this work for you which results in a Debian install that far surpasses Ubuntu and is most importantly stable.

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