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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Yet another possible change in Ubuntu's core components: they're mulling over replacing GDM with LightDM. Why? Well: "Faster - the greeter doesn't require an entire GNOME session to run. More flexible - multiple greeters are supported through a well defined interface. This allows Ubuntu derivatives to use the same display manager (e.g. Kubuntu, Lubuntu etc.). Simpler codebase - similar feature set in ~5000 lines of code compared to 50000 in GDM. Supports more usecases - first class support for XDMCP and multihead."
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RE[5]: nice
by kaiwai on Sun 12th Dec 2010 10:30 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: nice"
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backdoc said the following:

OSX is BSD Unix, without X

Which is incorrect. Yes there is BSD code in there but there is also Mach code which makes up XNU kernel. It is understandable the confusion given the lines of demarkation are not always clear at times.

As I've noted prior posts; if you had Linux + something better than Xorg + a desktop focused on usability, consistency and speed you would have a great alternative to Windows and Mac OS X but like so many projects in the past with such goals it ends up never having enough man power and when there is man power it gets bogged down in politics and philosophical wars. Anyone remember the Berlin/Fresco project - a really nice idea in theory but it never made it off the ground. What ever the decision the community must be willing to break with the past just like Apple have done.

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