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Mono Project For the most time, I've been firmly in the largest camp when it comes to the Mono debate - the 'I don't care'-camp. With patent lawsuits being hotter than Lady Gaga right now, that changed. For good reason, so it seems; while firmly in the 'ZOMG-MICROSOFT-IS-T3H-EVILL!1!!ONE!'-camp, investigated the five most popular Mono applications, and the conclusion is clear: all of them implement a lot of namespaces which are not covered by Microsoft's community promise thing.
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by f0dder on Mon 13th Dec 2010 20:20 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by kittynipples"
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What it *doesn't* mean is that the Mono implementation of that API is infringing on patents - only that any infringements that do exist aren't protected by the assurances around the ECMA stuff.

Considering the state of affairs, isn't that bad enough though? :/

I'm not paranoid enough to be part of the "zomg it's only a matter of time!1!1! MS are teh ultimate ev0l!" camp, but I wouldn't entirely dismiss the possibility of them shutting down mono or other projects if it suddenly makes sense from a business perspective.

I wish MS would extend the list of assemblies included and make an even stronger guarantee, just to shut up the anti-crowd... C# is a darn fine language in and by itself, but without larger parts of the .NET libraries covered some of the incentive for using it is lost.

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